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A Music Entertainer that is capable of DJ’ing, Hosting, Designing and Producing. He specializes in the Genre of House, and to be specific Soulful House. His Intentions are to show ravers the quality of Mixing and Blending you can get from Different and Unique rhythms, as well as a flair to strive to become a top Soulful House DJ.

Bushman started DJ’ing at the age of 18 years old, and after 6 months was getting his first booking. As a versatile DJ, being able to blend different genres of music without having to memorize them, this became an art for him. This journey even included a memorable trip to Nottingham, where he first met Riyad Juno (Kadabrah), and are still very good friends to this day. This optimism gave Bushman a foundation and he then decided to concentrate on the Production and Mixing of Soulful House music.

Confident with Programs such as Photoshop, Elements, Dreamweaver, he is also confident with music programs such as Logic, Reason, Ableton, Sony, Cool Edit, Mixed-In-Key and various other music affiliated programs. He designs his own cover art for his Podcasts and produces various designs for his website.

Being based in Portsmouth for the last 4 years gave Bushman a step into the life of a DJ. He became part of the South Coast's Most Consistent Urban Group RUM (Real Urban Music), which also had DJ's such as Ricky Simmonds (now with Ministry of Sound) under it's roster. Under the guidance of Shocka B, Bushman was booked every week from Bournemouth to Brighton tearing down raves at Super Clubs such as; Liquid & Envy and Oceana.

An experienced DJ having played majority of his music and events managed on the south coast, mainly in Portsmouth & Southampton. He held down a residency in Drift Bar, Portsmouth For 7 Months, he then moved onto Junk, Southampton, where he was a resident DJ for 18 Months every Thursday alongside RUM. He then moved to Whitehouse for 12 Months before moving back to Junk for 1 and a half years. Alongside Junk in Southampton, Bushman was one of the founding DJ's of Club Minibox in Portsmouth, where he held a Saturday Night for 2 and a half years. held numbers consistently whilst being the number 1 Urban spot in Portsmouth throughout the Summer. He has also headlined raves in Bournemouth, Chichester, Brighton, Southampton, Worthing and Basingstoke. He also has played in London in venues such as Rainforest Cafe, Sound Nightclub, Hippodrome and Collosium. He has also played in various clubs in Watford, Luton, Reading, Leeds, Newcastle and even up to Scotland. His 'International Experience' doesn't fall short neither as he has played in countries such as Spain, America, Majorca, France, Italy & Holland.
At the age of 23 he has found his feet, learning the way of a club DJ & a mobile DJ. and now wants to focus on a career within music where he can use his producing, designing and mixing skills to good use

Bushman says:
'I've been striving to be a DJ since I first spun at my first gig. I knew I had a talent for this.. It felt too good to just mix music with no breaks. I am extremely serious when it comes to music, You have to be with whats at stake. I use an expression called 'Everything Soulful' as I feel that regardless of any situation you get into, you can get that Soulful Feeling from it wheter it be an apology, Hug, Laugh, Spud, it can even be a slap round the head, just to recieve that Soulful Feeling it warms you up. Everything Soulful represents me and what I stand for. Gradually I'll have everyone understanding what I mean about Everything Soulful, but for now stay tuned for all my new mixes'

Everything Soulful